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3 Tips to Help Your Norway Spruce Trees Flourish

Norway Spruce Trees
Evergreen trees are popular among homeowners who want to maintain green in their landscape throughout the year. The Norway spruce is one of the fastest growing evergreen varieties. You can plant a Norway spruce sapling now and have a mature tree in just a few growing seasons.

Norway spruces make the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add more privacy to their landscape. These evergreens are dense, allowing them to shield your property from view and act as an effective windbreak.

Before you can take advantage of the many benefits a Norway spruce can offer, you need to know how to help these evergreen trees flourish once they are planted on your property.

1. Choose the Right Location

In order for any Norway spruce trees to flourish in your landscape, they need to be planted where they will have adequate room to mature. The first consideration you must make when selecting a planting location is height.

A mature Norway spruce can reach anywhere from 40 to 60 feet in height. These mature trees will have a bough spread between 25 and 35 feet, so diameter is a second factor to consider.

Ensure that you plant your young trees in a location where there is ample room to accommodate the full height and diameter of a mature Norway spruce.

2. Control Weed Growth

Young trees need access to ample resources as they work to establish a strong root system. As a young sapling, a Norway spruce might not be able to successfully compete against noxious weeds for water and nutrients. You must be proactive in controlling weed growth near the base of your Norway spruce.

One of the easiest ways to prevent weeds from strangling your new Norway spruce trees is to apply a layer of mulch around the base of the growing trees. Opt for a medium to coarse mulch, like a product made from wood chips, hedge trimmings, or pine needles. Coarse materials will allow water to easily seep into the soil while still preventing weeds from growing near the base of your trees.

Don't let your mulch touch the trunk of the tree. This might lead to rotting of the delicate bark. Spread a thin layer of mulch evenly around the base of the tree to help improve soil quality, eliminate weed growth, and insulate your young Norway spruce against fluctuating temperatures.

3. Deter Deer

Young Norway spruce saplings do not have the benefit of being naturally deterrent to deer. This means that you must take action to prevent urban deer from nibbling on the tender branches of your evergreen sapling. A combination of deer deterrents will help you protect all the trees and shrubs in your landscape from the damage caused by hungry deer.

Deer naturally avoid the smell of soap, as this scent has a strong connection to humans. Place bars of soap in mesh bags and hang them in the branches of your sapling. Swap out the scent of the soap regularly to maximize its ability to deter deer.

You should also coat your sapling with a spray deterrent. Bitter apple spray will leave a foul taste in the mouth of any deer hoping to make a quick meal out of your Norway spruce, preventing the animal from taking a second bite.

You can also try fencing in your Norway spruce saplings until they are strong enough to withstand exposure to deer. Deer try to avoid being in enclosed spaces, so even a short fence can have the right psychological effect.

Mature Norway spruce trees can bring beauty, privacy, and protection to your landscape. Contact CDS Landscaping & Tree Service, LLC, to install your Norway spruce trees today.


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